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Domino Building D Site Cleared

By on Thursday, March 10th, 2022 at 10:11 am

Domino Building D in Brooklyn williamsburg waterfront is cleared for construction

The south side of the Domino redevelopment property is prepped for new work to begin.

Access to the waterfront at South 3rd has been closed as the building lot for the D towers is cleared and fenced off. The entrance to the waterfront park space will eventually become Domino Square, a public plaza between the original factory building and the new towers on the south side of the lot.

The waterfront park was bustling on a recent Saturday, and access on both the north and south sides of the site remain open. Parts of the park remain winterized, with coverings over the volleyball courts, but with warm weather fast approaching, it was already a crowded public space.

The refinery building continues to be adapted into a new use as an office facility. The building has a steel frame supporting it during construction.



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