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Afternoon.Bedford Serves Up Korean-Style Hotdogs, Egg Sandwiches, Donuts

By on Friday, March 11th, 2022 at 10:48 am

Afternoon Bedford is part of the larger NYC-based chain of Korean inspired food cafe / food hall hybrids

Afternoon.Bedford, part of a restaurant conglomerate based in New York City, is bringing trendy Korean-inspired food to Williamsburg. The concept merges several brands into a combination, one-stop food hall.

The location opened at the end of last year, and operates from morning until late at night — and with the variety of offerings, that makes sense. EggLab for instance, sells egg sandwiches all day.

Part of what will soon be a seven restaurant mini-chain, afternoon.Bedford is actually located at 148 North 7th Street.

Ordering is conducted through a touch-screen system that worked flawlessly. Other fast food restaurants should take notice of how seamless their system works,.

interior of Afternoon has a counter, but ordering is done through the electronic kiosk

Inside the cafe, the brands include EggLab, Brooklyn Roasting Company coffee, Jongro Rice Hotdog, Mochi Mochi Donut, and Croffle Haus. This is sort of a chaotic amount of signage for a single storefront.

On display are Korean-style donut pastries in a variety of flavors.

Afternoon Bedford has pastry treats

We are living in the golden age of Korean-style hot dogs in New York City, and Afternoon serves up a classic. At afternoon, the hot dogs come out plain, but various sauces like ketchup, honey mustard, sriracha mayo, and others are available as self-service.

The Korean hotdog is served plain, with sauces available to add yourself

A Korean-style hot dog with classic ketchup and mustard. The hotdogs can be ordered with or without a dusting of sugar, and varieties include sausage, sausage and cheese, cheese only, as well as rice or potato batter.

The Korean hotdog is served plain, with sauces available to add yourself

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