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New Pizzeria Coming To Graham Avenue

By on Wednesday, April 24th, 2024 at 11:57 am

Nino's Pizzeria is coming to Graham Avenue where Gentle Perch, Hills Kitchen Bar, and East Wick have all failed

Nino’s Pizzeria is coming to 112 Graham Avenue, a restaurant space that has struggled to keep tenants.

The corner of McKibbon Street and Graham Avenue has been home to multiple restaurants over the last decade, most recently Hills Kitchen. Hill’s Kitchen has other locations in Brooklyn, and features African and Nigerian cuisine.

Prior to Hill’s Kitchen, the space contained Gentle Perch, a Korean-inspired restaurant with mixed reviews. It was something of a cult favorite among fans of the restaurant, but service was often but not always poor, and the quality was inconsistent.

East Wick opened in the space more than a decade ago, bringing upscale bistro style food to the neighborhood. Brunch was a popular neighborhood offering for years before it suddenly closed.

Other than the promise of free delivery on the new awning, there’s not information to go on about what to expect, or whether this Nino’s is connected to any of the other Nino’s in the city or elsewhere. Either way, it looks like Roberta’s new slice joint has some competition.



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