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Wandering Barman Opens a Cocktail Brasserie

By on Wednesday, November 17th, 2021 at 1:30 pm

Meserole Street cocktail brasserie from Wandering Barman

The Wandering Barman opens a “cocktail brasserie” on Meserole Street.

The prepared craft cocktail brand has opened a physical location to offer cocktails on Meserole Street.

The new tap room has 40 seats in a lounge like atmosphere.

The Wandering Barman started off as a bottled cocktail brand. They launched in 2016, long before COVID sent restaurants looking for take away cocktail solutions. Their beverages were available on tap around the city at various bars, or in pints to-go. Those are still available on their website.

The cocktails are modern versions of old classics, like the Boomerange, a maple old fashioned, or the FOMO, a vodka and pineapple sling.

The goal with all the pre-mixed cocktails is competing with mix-to-order, and generally the Wandering Barman series of on-tap mixed drinks have been successful.

Located at 315 Meserole Street, the new lounge sits at the epicenter of the most recent late-night district to emerge in the city. Meserole Street has become a party destination over the last few years with numerous dance and performance venues like 3 Dollar Bill and Now and Then.

Just down around the corner from the Montrose L, the warehouse district of East Williamsburg is becoming an increasingly crowded nightlife district.

The bar’s instagram shows off the space and some cocktails.

Happy hour is back, with discounts on drinks.

happy hour is back at the Wandering Barman

Wandering Barman Cocktail Brasserie
315 Meserole Street



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