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228 Berry Cleared For 8-Story Residential Building

By on Friday, November 26th, 2021 at 7:40 am

The lot at 228 Berry was cleared.

The development site spans from 121 Grand Street to North 1st. NYYIMBY reports permits were filed for an 8-story building with 50 residents and 25 parking spaces.

This is larger than previous permitted work. Back in 2018 the building would have been 6 stories and have 40 units. IMC Architects has a rendering of the previous building.

Berry Street has been closed as part of the open streets program. If the program is to continue, or programs like are to continue, developers may need to consider how they will impact garage access. 228 Berry Street is closer to the East River Ferry than to any of the subway stations in Brooklyn meaning many of the luxury apartment dwellers are likely to end up driving.

228 Berry Street

228 Berry Street



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