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Palace Laundromat Replaces Super Laundromat

By on Friday, April 15th, 2022 at 10:17 am

A new laundromat has opened at 204 Bushwick Avenue at the corner of Scholes.

The former Super Luandromat closed a few years back and the storefront sat vacant.

The laundromat was the site of a New York City Banksky painting. During Banksy’s 2013 “residency” in New York, the former laundromat was tagged with “The Musical,” painted under the found graffiti, “Dirty Underwear.”

Incredibly, the valuable Banksy was quickly scrubbed away. Other happenings from the artist garnered a lot more attention, with some guarded by locals who charged tourists to view the paintings and others protected by their building owners.

The new laundromat serves a neighborhood had been short of laundry services during the pandemic. A laundromat on Montrose Avenue had been closed until a few months ago.

Originally the owner of the laundromat at 215 Montrose Avenue had closed temporarily to remodel. Unfortunately for them, they found asbestos, delaying the relaunch. Following the closure of Super Laundromat the area around Montrose was in a laundry desert.

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