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Ey-vál Opens on Morgan Avenue

By on Friday, April 29th, 2022 at 11:58 am

Eyval persian eatery opens on MOrgan Avenue. It began as a bakery.

A new Persian restaurant has opened on Morgan Avenue.

Strongly influenced by Iranian flavors, Ey-vál is the second phase of a two-part project at the corner of Morgan and Varet Streets. Sofreh Cafe, a bakery featuring Persian pastries, opened last year along Varet and the front space has quietly been built out over the winter.

So far Eater has generally good things to say.

The menu features small plates and to share plates, mirroring the contemporary trend of communal dining with your compatriots. The images of the food are magnificent, and the pastries from Sofreh Cafe have been enjoyable and different than the sort of thing coming out of French-inspired bakeries.

The location has gone through numerous restaurants, many that have seemed to struggle despite the proximity to Roberta’s and party destinations.

Tutu’s was a bar and restaurant known for hosting dance parties in the basement room, and the sort of expensive and generic new American menu didn’t do it any favors. The backroom had been a screening room, but that was truncated. Eventually Tutu’s close and the space became Benelux, a Belgian Diner. The food was mediocre, which is especially damning for a cuisine that is not especially notable anyway.

Ey-vál looks as though it is offering something special and hopefully the uniqueness will distinguish it from many of the other area eateries.

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