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Greg’s Pumpkin Patch Brings Autumn Farm Stand to Domino Park

By on Monday, October 17th, 2022 at 11:16 am

Greg's Pumpkin Patch at Domino Park provides family fun and sells a lot of pumpkins

Visiting Greg’s Pumpkin Patch at Domino Park is like taking a trip upstate without leaving Brooklyn.

The only thing Greg doesn’t have at the Pumpkin patch is Apple Cider Donuts, but otherwise strolling through the lot filled with pumpkins felt just like being at an upstate farm stand.

There was quite the crowd this past weekend and plenty of activities for children. Greg’s was well supplied with autumnal joy.

Its decorative gourd season and Greg has quite the selection. Piles of gourds are for sale at the front of the lot.

decorative gourds are piled high

decorative gourds and a giant pumpkin

There is a huge selection of pumpkins available. If you’re worried about carrying them home, there are also carts that can be borrowed to help schlep a big pumpkin back to your apartment.

pumpkins for sale

For people looking to get a little messy, there is a pumpkin painting station in the back. Pick out a pumpkin and then have your kid smear paint everywhere.

pumpkins for sale

For those looking for some autumnal flowers, Greg has those too.

Autumn flowers for sale at Greg's

There are also numerous scarecrow decorations.

decorative gourds and scarecrows

So many creepy scarecrows…

If you want some decorative rainbow corn, Greg has that too. These things will definitely make my apartment’s mice infestation worse.

Decorative corn

There were a lot of strange looking decorative gourds.

Decorative gourds

And you can take pictures in front of a bunch of standup cut outs.

Greg’s Pumpkin Patch is located on the Williamsburg Waterfront behind Domino Park in the same spot he was selling Christmas trees last year. Presumably he will be back to selling trees in a few weeks.

Greg’s Pumpkin Patch.



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