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Concord Hill on Graham Ave Closes, New Liquor License Application Pending

By on Monday, September 12th, 2022 at 9:31 am

Concord Hill on Graham Ave in East Williamsburg looks like its finished as new liquor license requests have gone up

Concord Hill, a new American style restaurant on Graham Avenue, closed for a summer break and never reopened. Now a new liquor license request has been attached to the grate.

“Good Thanks” has a liquor license approval scheduled for September 13. Whether this is related to the Good Thanks cafe on the Lower East Side is unclear, but it wouldn’t be the first Manhattan eatery to cross the East River.

Concord Hill replaced Sel de Mer, a lovely little French-inspired restaurant, back in 2014. There was some drama. Concord Hill initially opened with Angelo Romano as head chef before he was replaced by his sous chef Daniel Navarro just a month in. Since then, Guy Kairi, listed as a chef/owner of the restaurant, heads the kitchen with a focus on French and Japanese inspired cuisine.

The menu included a mix of modern cuisine — steak, burger, fish, pasta, salad, heavily sourced from local providers. It had been a reliable place for foie gras.

Located at 374 Graham Avenue, Concord Hill was a part of a little restaurant row that includes Mesa Coyoacan, Okozushi, ChinGoo, Hummus Market, and Variety Coffee. The block of Graham Avenue was also closed for the Open Streets program on weekends in part because of the high concentration of restaurants, with Concord Hill leading the charge.

The area has heavy foot traffic. A block from the Graham Ave L, its a main pedestrian corridor for residents to the north and east of Williamsburg and Greenpoint, and with the cafe tables around the coffee shop and restaurants, a center of community of life.

Earlier this summer, the outdoor dining platform was struck by a car and mostly destroyed. The restaurant never quite restored the space.

Concord Hill provided the neighborhood with delicious, modern food. It was casual enough to bring a toddler but fancy enough for a date. The menu was rarely ground breaking, but it was always satisfying and reliable. Its absence will be felt, and we can only hope the next iteration of the space serves the community half as well.



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