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Glizzy’s Bringing Hot Dogs to Williamsburg

By on Thursday, October 27th, 2022 at 8:01 am

Glizzy's NYC hot dogs on Metropolitan Avenue

A new hot dog shop is coming to town.

Glizzy’s is preparing to open at 390 Metropolitan Avenue near Havemyer Street.

Staff were busy assembling furniture inside the shop last night.

Glizzy’s instagram is showing off some concepts like the hot dog, egg, and cheese.

This breakfast of champions has us thinking back to when Crif Dogs had a location on Driggs and N 7th in the spot that that since became the Grab and Go. Crif Dogs also had a bacon, egg and cheese hot dog, as well as a Jersey Dog serving up Taylor Ham. The latter no longer appears on the St. Mark’s location menu.

New York City spent most of the last century as the number one city in the country for hot dogs, but was recently surpassed by Los Angelos.

A Glizzy is slang term meaning “gun” originating in Washington D.C., but that has since come to reference a hot dog because it supposedly is the same length as a extended clip on a weapon. If that sounds like a pretty silly origin story for a new nickname for a hot dog, then you probably won’t be surprised that this meme comes from TikTok. Oh, those dang Zillennials.

Let’s hope Glizzy’s NYC has nailed down their IP because there is a Glizzy’s hot dogs has also opened in Arizona.

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