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Amant Gallery Opens in Industrial Park with Coffee, Bookstore, Art, Programs

By on Tuesday, April 26th, 2022 at 11:58 am

Drip is a hidden cafe in the art complex

A new art complex with Drip cafe and a bookstore has opened in the East Williamsburg Industrial Complex, just off of Grand Street.

Located on a section of Maujer Street connecting Waterbury and Morgan Ave, the newly built complex has a strong industrial look. The complex spans the street with buildings on either side. The textured surface is almost like a pair of hedgehogs squatting next to each other.

The gallery space is set off on one side and offers residences and programs and an archive. Drip occupies most of the other side, along with a bookstore.

Amant bookstore

The bookstore in the complex is filled with a variety of coffee table books and art and architecture volumes.

the cafe tables at Drip

The cafe has the feeling of a high-end, European museum.

cafe courtyard at the complex

A courtyard outside the cafe has nice seating as well.

cafe courtyard at the complex

The gallery has a courtyard area

The gallery includes a garden courtyard.

The gallery is a little hard to find

Amant Gallery front door

The front door is down a small pathway hidden from the street.

Amant / Drip
315 Maujer Street



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