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Hi Hello Crepes Gets The Brown Paper

By on Thursday, September 22nd, 2022 at 10:05 am

Hi Hello Crepes on Graham Ave in Brooklyn closed

The Graham Avenue creperie wrapped up its last crepe and papered over the windows.

The shop popped up amidst New York City’s crepe craze where suddenly crepes were available in every neighborhood.

Hi Hello offered up sweet and savory crepes, but at prices that probably kept many away. A basic crepe in Paris might cost a Euro, but it was impossible to spend less than $10 and feel satisfied.

The shop emphasized the sweet crepes building out a pandemic related street deck made from Nutella bins. Apparently the gimmick wasn’t enough.

Hi Hello Crepes was located at 192 Graham Avenue on a portion that has enjoyed Open Streets on weekends this summer. It is surrounded by other bars and restaurants. Apparently, none of this was enough save the creperie. “Is the city’s crepe fad finally coming to an end?” he asks in Carrie Bradshow voice.



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